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About the Founder


Keoshia Banks the Founder of S3

"Growing up I remember having a strong desire to become someone great. To be successful. Despite my desire, my life had no direction. From the outside looking in, one would have thought I had it all figured out. I went to one of the top colleges for undergrad, I obtained the master's degree, I lived and worked in big cities and I freely traveled and explored beautiful parts of the world. But when it was all said and done, I lacked peace and I was so lost and broken. That is until I encountered God's presence in a way I had never experienced it before. The more I encountered him the more he revealed to me who he created me to be. My heart's desire is to walk boldly in my purpose because I know that is the place where I find the most joy, peace and satisfaction. A part of that purpose involves carrying out the mission of S3!

~ Founder Keoshia Banks



  • Keoshia developed and implemented an informal Girl Talk program at a high school. 


  • S3 was incorporated as an official 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization



  • Keoshia competed in Saginaw SOUP pitch competition which lead to valuable community connections

  • The informal Girl Talk was developed into a research informed program curriculum, Sister to Sister 

  • S3 formed  a Youth Planning Committee 


  • S3 was rebranded to improve its structure and productivity (new logo, website, Facebook Group, etc.)

  • Keoshia hired two business coaches


  • S3 restructured its Board of Directors and created committees 

  • Hosted 2021 Girl Talk Experience with 22 guests and 12 volunteers

Original Logo
New Logo

Looking Ahead


Current Goals

  1. By December 2023, we will have at least 4 schools, churches or organizations who are willing to host our Sister to Sister Empowerment program on an ongoing basis. 

  2. By December 2023, we will have refined our Girl Talk Experience, establishing a rinse and repeat annual fundraiser.

  3. By December 2023, we will have an established board of directors consisting of 7 diverse individuals who are all actively involved (i.e. seek community resources, attend meetings and communicate regularly).

Our Vision

A world where every teen girl understands her value and is able to transfer self-love into the relationships that she builds throughout her life.

Our Core Values 

  • Self-love-Discovering and cultivating self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Self-respect- Discovering and cultivating identity and being bold to stand firm in it

  • Sisterhood- Discovering and cultivating the beauty of partnering with other girls and young women along the journey of life

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