Sister to Sister Girls Empowerment: 

We offer a 7-week, in-person program designed to facilitate transformation in the way our participants view themselves and how they develop relationships. Our target audience is teen girls ages 13-16 (8th/9th grade). This program is offered to individuals as well as to groups (i.e. schools/churches/community organizations). 


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S3 Girls Empowerment Session

S3 Content:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel or Join our Private Facebook Group to listen in on our online TGV segments. TGV stands for Teen Girls' Voices which are video segment that gives teen girls an opportunity to express their thoughts on teen girl related topics.

S3 Girl Talk Experience: 

This one day event is designed to ignite a fire in our participants, empowering them to develop self-love, discover their purpose and to create community. 



Save the Date: August 20, 2022

S3 Girls Empowerment Session

S3 Bookstore: 

Our bookstore is filled with books and journals authored and illustrated by our Founder. All proceeds go toward S3 programming. Click HERE to shop at our Bookstore.